In the realm of audio equipment, Electro Voice has long been a name associated with excellence. From concert halls to hockey arenas, their products have consistently delivered top-notch performance. Now, with the release of the Electro Voice ZLX G2 speakers, they’ve once again raised the bar, particularly in the realms of compact size and sound quality. The ZLX family of speakers was already an industry best seller. This new line increases quality, size options, SPL output and new DSP control!


ZLX G2 family


One of the most striking features of the Electro Voice ZLX G2, is their compact size. With the new 8 inch versions you can get fantastic sound in an even smaller package now. Designed with portability and convenience in mind, these speakers are perfect for musicians, DJs, event organizers, and anyone else who needs high-quality sound in a small package.

ZLX G2 Back panel

Despite their diminutive dimensions, the ZLX G2 8 Inch pack a punch when it comes to sound. With custom-engineered drivers and advanced digital signal processing, they deliver clear, full-bodied audio. Whether you’re blasting beats at a party or delivering a keynote presentation, these speakers ensure that your message is heard loud and clear.

Of course, size isn’t everything when it comes to speakers; sound quality is paramount. Fortunately, the Electro Voice ZLX G2 speakers excel in this department as well. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and meticulous craftsmanship, these speakers reproduce audio with stunning accuracy, fidelity and the signature ElectroVoice sound.

Thanks to their high-output components and innovative enclosure designs, the ZLX G2 speakers deliver balanced sound across the entire frequency spectrum. The G2 brings higher SPL and increased frequency response over the previous generation.

The Verdict: Electro Voice ZLX G2 Speakers Set a New Standard

The Electro Voice ZLX G2 represent an improvement on an already best selling line up . With their compact size and unparalleled sound quality, they offer a winning combination that is sure to impress even the most discerning audio enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a professional musician, a full time event DJ, or simply someone who appreciates great sound, the ZLX G2 are an investment worth making. With their robust construction, versatile features, and exceptional performance, they’re sure to become a cornerstone of your audio setup for years to come.

So why settle for mediocre sound when you can have the best? Upgrade to the Electro Voice ZLX G2 speakers today and experience the difference for yourself. Feel free to make an appoint to come hear the new G2. We now have 8, 12, and 15 inch versions in stock at Angus Audio in Cambridge.

ZLX G2 packaging

Here are some photos from a recent show executed entirely in house by Angus Audio.
A full LED wall and LED DJ booth elevated the stage design with a full Chauvet Lighting rig.

The artists provided visuals with logos and we amped them up with effects and video elements using Resolume. A fantastic compact lighting rig, designed by Ben Pearson, used Chauvet batten bars for a dramatic uplight at the foot of the stage creating shadows and fantastic strobe effects on the performers.

Wireless systems were the Sennheiser EW-DX 2 with 935 capsules and Sennheiser G4 IEMs on all performers and dancers.

LED DJ Booth

REVE on Stage

Crowd shot with LED wall and Lighitng

LED wall

The brand new Sennheiser EW DX systems are starting to arrive in Canada. We received this demo rack right from Germany this week, with more units in transit.

These units were a breeze to set up right out the case. The new “E ink” display shows the transmitter name even when the batteries are out. No need for label tape anymore.
The transmitters also feature 134 dB of dynamic range, which will cover pretty much any high volume input source.
Our current favourite feature is being able to know the exact run time for the transmitters. A down to the minute time is displayed on both the transmitter and the receiver when running on the lithium battery packs. 12 hour estimated run time using lithium.

Give us a call at 519-740-9869 or send us an email to set up a demo time.

Sennheiser EW DX

The past few weeks have seen installs in a variety of the regions high school’s with upgrades to lighting systems.  Not just in the dedicated theatre spaces but also in the classrooms.
We spec and install all different brands of fixtures, picking and choosing the best units from the lines. One of the recent winners in LED moving heads has been the AMDJ Focus spot 4Z. This is a 200 watt LED engine with gobos, prisms, and dichroic colour wheels. These light weight moving heads are extremely fast and offer fantastic performance at this price point. 4 of these LED moving heads were installed on the FOH lighting pipes allowing designs that are extremely dynamic with fast movement. One of the other benefits is now being able to have a focusable spot without needing a lift or ladder to be adjusted.


New at the shop is the Prolights LED leeko family.

EclProfile FS is a high-output, full-spectrum LED, RGB Lime Leeko that has brilliant saturated colours and a temperature adjustable white. Perfect for theatre and video work.
The Ecl Profile CT+ is a 6 colour  (red, green, blue, royal blue, mint, pc amber) array that offers a massive amount of adjustability and matching to existing gel colours.
When your design is required to match with existing conventional gel fixtures, you can really nail the look of your favourite Rosco Tokyo Blue. This makes adding LEDs into an existing rig that much easier.
These units also take industry standard lenses and accessories. Gobos are B size and take standard leeko gel frames.

We have added several of the FS units to our rental and demo inventory as we transition away from conventional halogen lighting. Photos don’t show how beautiful these fixtures perform.
Recently 8 of the CT+ units were added to a local video production studio with an assortment of lenses and accessories.
Stop by the shop to see these or take them out for you next production.

Front lens of Prolights Leeko FS purple colour Prolights FS leeko led with red lens 8 new units of Prolights CT+ for TV studio

Specs for Profile CT+

  • Source: Luxeon-C; 96x3W 6 colour custom LEDs source (red, green, blue, royal blue, mint, pc amber)
  • CCT: @full 5,000K
  • Luminous flux: (5°) 3,805 lm; (10°) 4,790 lm; (14°) 5,047 lm; (19°) 5,380 lm; (26°) 6,681 lm; (36°) 6,814 lm; (50°) 5,773 lm; (70°) 7,430lm @full
  • Luminous flux: (zoom 15°-30°) (min angle) 5,290 lm; (max angle) 6,664 lm – (zoom 25°-50°) (min angle) 7,042 lm; (max angle) 9,817 @full
  • Lux: (5°) 14,638 lx; (10°) 8,663 lx; (14°) 3,812 lx; (19°) 2,530 lx; (26°) 1,759 lx; (36°) 810 lx; (50°) 474 lx; (70°) 306lx @5 m full
  • Lux: (zoom 15°-30°) (min angle) 3,502 lx; (max angle) 1,800 lx – (zoom 25°-50°) (min angle) 2,608 lx; (max angle) 974lx @5 m full
  • CRI: 93,7 @3,200 K; 97,6 @5.600 K
  • Focus: manual
  • Colour mixing: RGB, Royal Blue, Mint, PC Amber
  • CCT: CCT control, + / – green correction, tungsten emulation
  • White presets: 2,700 K ~ 10,000K
  • Colour wheel: colour gels matching and RGB / HSI / CMY selectable colour mode

Specs for Profile FS

  • Source: 91x3W RGB + lime LEDs
  • CCT: @full 5.000K
  • Luminous flux: (5°) TBD; (10°) TBD; (14°) 4’619 lm; (19°) 5’133 lm; (26°) 6’100 lm; (36°) 5’970 lm; (50°) 5’596 lm; (70°) TBDlm @full
  • Lux: (5°) TBD; (10°) TBD; (14°) 4’321 lx; (19°) 2’567 lx; (26°) 1’711 lx; (36°) 873 lx; (50°) 462 lx; (70°) TBDlx @5 m full
  • CRI: 86 @3.200 K; 85 @5.600 K
  • Focus: manual
  • Colour mixing: RGB + lime / full colour
  • CCT: CCT control through dedicated DMX channel
  • White presets: 2.700 K ~ 10.000K
  • Colour wheel: virtual colour wheel with macros
  • Macros: several pre-built pixel macros with adjustable speed


The content creation studio has been busy the past few months with a variety of clients coming to visit us at our Cambridge location. With a full compliment of equipment the studio can be set up to fit any type of event. From live stream to rehearsed and recorded events we can cover any needs that may arise.

The studio is fitted with a 13 foot wide 2.8mm LED wall that helps host and guest connections when doing interview style events as well as a dynamic background.  We are fully outfitted to offer in house video production, including motion graphics, voice over work and in house editing.
Corporate and creative clients are welcome to reach out and talk to us about availability. 



The introduction of the Allen and Heath SQ consoles has been welcomed with open arms at Angus Audio. Here are a few photos of a recent order of SQ consoles that were brought in for a variety of clients. These versatile consoles are being used in many different rolls.

The two SQ7 consoles are being paired with the GX4816 digital head for a full 48 channel FOH and Monitor set up.
This system will be rolled out to the client with an analog split snake and new ECM road cases. It will be ready for its first show when it leaves our shop in Cambridge next week.

The SQ5 is being packaged into a flyable a touring rig with a 24 channel digital head, while the other consoles are slated for permanent installs in high schools and colleges.

The SQ6 is our console of choice for rentals. It’s onboard channel count linked with a 16 channel digital heads gives us 40 channels in a package that can be carried in a small car. Perfect for theatre but small enough for tight spaces at FOH.

Contact us to talk about the benefits of the these consoles and why they have become our go to audio desk.

Panasonic has built a fantastic platform with its new Solid Shine Laser engine. This 6k lumen laser projector is now available in rentals and has become our number one go to projector. Its laser light source engine out performs any bulb projector in the same spec class and does it a great set of features. Lens shift and the digital image adjustments make this easy to dial in perfectly onto the screen. Its light weight and is easy to load in a Nanuk 945 road case. We have sold these into a variety of situations over the past few months including medical centers and theatres. Clients have been raving about the colour rendering even in rooms with ambient light that they cannot control.

Give us a call to set up a demo time to see these VMZ60s in action at our shop in Cambridge.

Another batch of DPA d:fine microphones headed off to do an upcoming production of Rock of Ages out west. This product line continues to impress customers all over the country. The 4166 headset mics with the newer Core series adds higher dynamic range to the element while maintaining the small capsule size. This is crucial for scenarios that have high SPL. Rock of Ages is a great example, with powerful vocals that are needed to project overtop of a live rock band. Some handheld microphones would even struggle in this type of environment.

Give us a call here in Cambridge to talk about the options in the DPA lav and headset line up. There is a large catalog with a lot of different options to consider. Colour, capsule, connector, headband, and a ton of accessories are available!

After today we are closed till 2020.

Send us an email to set up an appointment for New Years Eve rental pick ups.

Pipe and Drape Systems – Stage and Theatrical Drape

Angus Audio is proud to announce a new distributorship with QSD. QSD is a Canadian owned theatrical drape company based in Alberta that has been manufacturing custom drape solutions since 1987. They not only do theatrical drape but also manufacture other industrial solutions for manufacturing and health care industries.
We have already started a few projects with QSD and have been impressed by their speed of manufacturing and getting the product into the hands of our clients. Extremely customizable items are pretty standard in this industry. QSD tackles everything we throw at them with accuracy and speed that is demanded by the theatrical and touring industry.  

Call us to talk about new projects as well as replacements for aging or damaged drape. We can also provide solutions for portable pipe and drape systems.

  • Proscenium Drapes
  • Back Traveler, Wings and Masking Drapes
  • Fireproof and Flame Retardant Curtains
  • Velvet Theatre Curtains
  • Muslin Backdrops
  • Theatre Scrims

QSD Pipe and Drape Systems used in corporate presentation


Back in stock are the Decimator Design MD-HX and the newer MD-LX. These devices are some of the best built and customizable SDI to HDMI cross converters around. HDMI in and SDI output or SDI in to HDMI out. We have been using the MD-HX for years and they continue to be a great tool that can fix most problems in the HDMI realm. Using two of the MD-LX can convert your HDMI down to flexible SDI cable, run 280 ft and then convert back to HDMI. Struggling with HDMI cable lengths? These fix that.

We recently completed a brand new in ear monitor rig for Aaron Marshall’s progressive metal band Intervals. This system was ready to go for their current North American tour this fall and will continue on to Mexico in February.

The system is made up of 2 shock mounted SKB racks housing Sennheiser G4 IEMS, a custom Rapco 32 channels splitter and a Behringer X32 Rack with S16 expansion head. The custom patch bays were made with MIDI, USB and Firewire ports for connectivity to the X32 and the DAW rack mount units. The racks are connected with 2 multipin cables that jump between the racks and the feed to FOH console. The project was spear headed by Chase Robbs, who is on tour as the FOH technician and tour bus chef.


We recently worked with University of Waterloo’s Communication Arts Department to upgrade the 402 seat Theatre of The Arts. The UW theatre program mounts some of the most imaginative and cutting edge productions in the area and requires technology that is versatile and easy to manipulate. This theatre has undergone several upgrades the past few years including new catwalks, new Elation Pro SixPar 300 LED pars with RGBWA+UV colour mixing, a Behringer X32 for FOH audio, HME Wireless ClearCom and now new speakers and amplifiers from Dynacord and Electro Voice.

The theatre space is essentially in the round with seating right up to the edge of the stage. This proves to be difficult to get even audio coverage over every seat. The new Electro Voice EVC 1122-VI was chosen for its unique ability to have massive horn coverage based on the height it is mounted at. Tilting the box in the bracket allows the coverage area to be tuned right to the front row of seating. University of Waterloo’s Gill Lesperance and Cameron Jolliffe completed the installation in record time, including the new wiring and amp racks mounted in the catwalk.




In addition to the 4 main FOH boxes there were 8 Electro Voice Evid 4.2 speakers installed. Combined with 4 Dynacord L1300 amplifiers this enables 8 channels of surround sound rear fill audio. Using the X32 USB interface card and Qlab 3 allows sound effects and soundscapes to fully cover the theatre.  4 of the Dynacord 1300s are installed on the catwalk being monitored via the MARC software. The 1122- VI speakers are powered by 2 Dynacord L2800 amps running in the control booth.


We will be operating out of a new location before the end of July! Overall we needed a bigger warehouse but thankfully the new space is only a block away on Turnbull Court.

The new location is 110 Turnbull Court unit 3. Along the back of the unit are two loading docks and a ramp for smaller cars.
All rental pick ups and returns will go through the back entrance.

All phone numbers will be staying the same but if they are not working for some reason while we move over please use 226-240-0338.


A municipal government client recently purchased a mobile DDS 5900 system. These are great systems that are very easy to set up and very easy to manage. This specific kit allows for over 30 people to have round table discussions at off site locations. It packs up and fits in 2  of the made in Canada Nanuk cases with wheels. Easy to load in the back of a small car and roll into a convention centre.  It also features outputs for recording, in house PA integration and streaming audio. The entire system links together with shielded cat5 cables and self manages via IP.


Slate Church, based in Waterloo Ontario, recently worked with us to purchase a full kit of Sennheiser for their live band.
The kit consists of:
Sennheiser 100 series handhelds with 835 and 935 capsules
Sennheiser EW300 In Ear Monitor (IEM) systems
Sennheiser ASA 1 and AC3 Antenna Combiners with A1031 Paddles
Sennheiser Evolution 600 series drum mics
Rapco Horizon XLR snakes
SKB 4U Roto Racks

Angus Audio frequency co-ordinated, racked and prepared the kit for a turn key system that worked right out of the box.
The system was working flawlessly on a show the day after they picked it up.

Roseneath Theatre is a youth audience theatre company located in Toronto Ontario. They recently purchased Sennheiser wireless systems and a RF Venue frequency scanner for their North American tours.  We designed and built a kit that would be versatile in any situation they would come across. The touring shows are being presented in venues across North America. Not always in a places that know what frequencies are friendly to use. The RF Explorer frequency scanner was included in the rack to help trouble shoot RF issues. With easy to use menus and visual graphs to show you where problems might pop up, its a great tool for people that are not RF specialists.



Angus Audio maintains a large fleet of rental projectors for presentation and theatrical rentals. Our main rental unit is a 3000 lumen Panasonic projector with HDMI and VGA inputs. If you call in to book a rental let us know which connectors or cables you might need. Please see below for help identifying which connector you laptop or system requires.

projector rental cambridge waterloo guelph kitchener ontario

HDMI is the current standard that most consumer devices will be using. If you are running a MacBook you may need and adaptor to get into the projector. Some Macs have full size HDMI connectors but many use a connection called “Mini Display port” or “Lightning”. Let us know what you have and we can help.

VGA is still common, but it is considered an older technology.

RCA connectors are used for some devices such as older DVD players and Satellite TV receivers. They can also be used on some video game consoles.

Some laptops use a connector called Display port. If you only have this option on your laptop give us a call to talk about adaptors.



Check out the video of Australian rock band Airbourne on their last tour through Canada in 2016.

Check out this video from the past year at Maxwell’s Concerts and Events in Waterloo.

Good friend and world touring FOH sound tech, Chase prepped his new BEHRINGER x32 tour kit at the shop the other day. He will be out for a North American tour with the band INTERVALS. Hope you eat healthy and sleep well on the bus Chase!

Kit includes an X32 compact with an S16 stage head, an analog splitter and a passive AB switch to flip between house console and touring desk.

Steel Panther is headed to Maxwell’s in Waterloo on July 12th!

Head over to Ticketscene to pick up tickets if its not already sold out.


Sennheiser MK II Gold Rentals

The Sennheiser MKE ii Gold is one of the best performing microphones for theatre applications. Angus Audio carries a very large inventory of MKE ii Golds available for rental with our Sennheiser wireless kits. We have one of the region’s largest inventories of matched and frequency coordinated body pack transmitters.

Rough Life

These microphones have a rough life. They get taped or glued to a performers face, covered in makeup, buried in a hair line and doused with hair spray. They are worn by some of the sweatiest performers and get thrown around by dancers. The MKE ii Gold lives in some of the worst environments imaginable for a tiny, high sensitivity microphone element. After every rental the microphones are tested and cleaned to make sure they are ready for the next rental.

Tours and Rentals Across Canada

Angus Audio is located in Cambridge Ontario and provides wireless systems all over the province as well as international tours. Call us to discuss options for your next theatre production.




Rock The Mill is an annual event hosted by the City Of Cambridge. The event is organized by youth on a committee that works over the course of the year.  This years event saw the move of the stages back to city hall in downtown Galt. With 2 stages and over 20 acts throughout the day, this years festival was a success. Check out the video to see the stage and lighting on the main stage.

Protest The Hero stopped at Maxwells Concerts and Events in May. This full blast show had over 600 people in attendance. Gratuitous strobe lighting was used throughout the set.

 Crowd Shot

Crowd Shot

Angus Audio welcomes a new ChamSys MQ40 console into the lighting rental inventory. The MagicQ software is easy to learn and provides a huge list of features. The virtual console is free to download and is also capable of running a show using a DMX to USB interface. Check out the software to download here. It loads up an behaves just like the console. It also provides you with a free visualizer software so you can see what the show looks like without plugging in any lights.

  • 4 Universes
  • 10 Playback faders, 200 pages
  • 20 Execute buttons
  • LED Pixel Mapping
  • Powerful PC/Mac Show Editor
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

Chamsys special event lighting Waterloo production


April 25 had Danko Jones stopping in Waterloo at Maxwell’s Concerts and Events. Check out some photos from the show that had a packed house.

Danko Jones Side Stage
Danko Jones Crowd Shot

Danko Jones Himself

A bit of back story. Angus Audio has been carrying Electro Voice (EV)  in Waterloo Region since we started in the mid 80s. It was one of the first lines we started selling and it is the product line we have stood behind for 3 decades. It is a brand that has a great sound and a great heritage. EV started off by providing a custom sound system for the Notre Dame football team in the mid 1930s. Now EV is used by some of the most prestigious venues and performing acts across the world.
ElectroVoice E-V Cardax

We have all different ranges of the EV product line in stock at the shop. From the amazing entry level ZLX, to the high end QRX and Xi family of speakers. We are passionate about this product line and love sharing our knowledge on these speakers. Stop in the shop to have a listen to the EV sound. You will instantly understand why Electro Voice is one of the oldest companies in the pro audio industry.

Coming in April we will have the brand new EKX line in the shop for demos. This family is positioned above the ZLX and ELX (Live X) family but below the pro level ETX. The EKX offers full DSP in a solid wood cabinet. This family also introduces a new set of matching 15 and 18 inch sub woofers.

Sign up for the mailing list to be alerted to when we get our first shipment of the new EKX Speakers.

EKX Family of Speakers

Danko Jones at Maxwell’s Concert and Events  in Waterloo April 25th. Get tickets on Ticket Scene
Danko Jones is always a great show. A true rock and roll show with full blast guitar.
Danko jones waterloo concert
Angus Audio has been involved in the new Boathouse restaurant and music venue in Kitchener’s Victoria Park. We provided brand new Electro Voice PA for the stage as well as for the restaurant atmosphere music. The whole project has taken over a year from the initial planning stages to having the first band on deck. There were a lot of obstacles to overcome, but the end product is well worth it. The Boathouse has music on the stage pretty much every night of the week and has a full kitchen to compliment the craft beers on tap.
Click here to take a look at The Boathouse technical spec sheet.

The Boathouse Tech Specs

Here is a trailer for a short documentary that we have been working on with Taylor Jackson Media.


Here is a quick video from the Maxwell’s Concerts and Events opening night. We have been working with Paul on this project for nearly 3 years and are very happy to see it finally open its doors. There has been a lot of work to get everything up and running, but the doors are open and the venue is ready for shows.
The system consists of 6 Electro-Voice 1152 flown above the 30 foot wide deck. There are 4 Electro-Voice MTL double 18 subs in front of the stage. The entire rig is running off EV P series power with the Midas Pro 2 out front. The lighting system has 24ft trusses flown at FOH and upstage center.  The trusses are non permanent to offer the best flexibility for the venue.
Contact us for more technical details or check out


maxwells concerts and events waterloo

Hello, Marshall here.  November has been an insane month of events, installs and trade shows.  I recently headed down to Las Vegas with my good friend and rigging consultant Peter Holland for LDI 2014. LDI is a great networking and demo trade show for the lighting and theatre industry. Not only did we see lots of new products that will be coming out in the next few months, but Pete met up with an assortment of people he has worked with from all over the world. In addition to the trade show our friend Renfred Poon hooked us up with employee tickets for Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity and Zarkana. Great shows at the top of the live entertainment industry!
Check out a quick video. Watch for Pete being completely disgusted by the biggest moving head wash light we have ever seen made by Ayrton.

[youtube height=”480″ width=”835″][/youtube]

Here is short video of a load in atUniversity of Guelph’s War Memorial Hall . Curtain Call Productions had an alumni show this past fall and we did a quick time lapse of the install.  Three lighting pipes are loaded with Source 4 Pars, RGBW LED wash fixtures and EV SX300 for stage monitors.

[youtube height=”480″ width=”835″][/youtube]

KW Silverstars Theatre Group recently invested in a new Sennheiser XS wireless kit. These affordable kits work for up to 8 channels. Give us a call if you are working on a project that requires multiple channels of wireless. There are lots of factors to consider when choosing a system. Our in house team can show you the pros and cons of every system and help you choose the best option for your budget.


Check out this ambitious theatre project being put on by Theatre Sheridan in Oakville. The cast and crew of Theatre Sheridan will be taking over an old abandon school facility to put on an interactive and immersive theatre experience. With multiple performances spaces inside the school, audience members will be following the story as they move through the halls.

Brantwood production by Theatre Sheridan


Stop by the shop in the next week or so to take a look at the Midas Pro 2 digital mixing console. We have the first one available from the new Midas distributor Intellimix. Thanks to our rep Ed Lockyer for getting us the first Midas Pro 2 in Canada out of the new batch.

The first thing you notice when you boot up the console is that it starts with the familiar black and white text of the Linux OS. We were happy to see this console has a powerful and stable operating system at its core. The second thing you notice is the fantastic looking screen. Big, bright and right in the center of the desk. It is not a touch screen. However, after playing with the surface for 5 minutes you realize why you don’t need one. The layout and the way you interact with the knobs gives the Midas Pro the feeling of an analog desk. There is no need to be touching the screen and getting finger prints all over it. The touch sensitive knobs highlight on the screen as soon as you touch them and everything has a physical button. If you really need a touch screen you can download the Midas Pro app to an iPad. This allows you to use a touch screen when connected to a wireless router. The app is free and syncs to the console with a simple IP address.

Another thing we really like is the Population Groups, or simply Pop Groups. These are fast and easy access groups that make mixing live music very snappy. With the push of a button the Pop Group brings the channels to the center  faders and brings all their info up on the screen. This makes it easy to find channels without having to flip pages. The channel strip then shows up on the right hand side of the screen. Half an inch to the right of that is the physical knob section that has all the processing control in a nice neatly laid out line.

Give us a call to schedule a time to come in and get some hands on time with the Midas Pro 2.


We recently worked in the wood shop to make this very robust lounge chair.  A great fit for a studio or on tour. This road case chair features ball corners and recessed handles. Made of 1/2 inch ABS coated plywood with aluminum edging, it is made to withstand even the heaviest of loads.

Cambridge Community Players recently refreshed their lighting inventory to all new Ushio bulbs!
A variety of fixtures from all different generations make up their lighting plot. That isn’ a problem with Ushio bulbs. They continue to make and stock bulbs for the theatre industry and continually improve halogen lighting technology, even in an era when more and more people are looking at LED technology.
Halogen bulbs, such as the JCV and BTN, are an important and cost effective part of the theatre industry.
This order alone had over 80 bulbs to re-lamp CCP’s fixture inventory.

Check out CCP to see a show and see Ushio bulbs in action.

Due to popular demand we are now stocking cardboard gel frames in Cambridge Ontario. Source 4 and 7.5 inch Fresnel sizes. Packs of 10 and 100 available. These are the non fireproof ones but can be easily made fire retardent with a quick dunk in flameproofing liquid. Contact us for bulk order pricing.

A long time customer just updated his EV rig with new ZXA1 tops and ZXA1 Subs. The two 12 inch powered subs fit perfectly into this small hatchback car. With plenty of room in the back seat for the ZXA1 tops, Allen and Heath ZED 12FX, guitar cases and keyboards.

Angus Audio is now stocking and custom ordering Lee Gel. Give us a call for ordering info or to receive our instock list. Check out their online gel software for comparing gel between brands.
They also have a great line of filters that convert white LED light to warm tungsten colours. Stop in the shop to see or pick up a Lee Gel filter book.

Marshall of Angus Audio recently travelled to Macau China and was given a backstage tour of The House of Dancing Water (THDW). This 10-level theatre was built from the ground up with a price tag of 2 Billion HKD (26 Million USD). THDW is a full water acrobatic show with a 3.7 million gallon pool. Thanks to Pete Holland and Laura McGuire for a look inside such a massive production.
Check out our Facebook Page for more photos and comments.

With the addition of 48 new channels, Drayton Entertainment now holds one of the largest inventories of Sennheiser wireless microphones in Canada. They hold enough channels to outfit several productions at once in any one of their 7 performance spaces. The inventory is made up of 300 and 500 series wireless with full antenna distribution and networking, allowing use of Sennheiser’s Wireless System Manager Software. Frequency allocation and layout is performed by Jason Blair and our relationship with Sennheiser Canada.

Full tour racking lets the systems be moved between theatres in any combination of quantities. Networking switches inside the racks allow the systems to integrate into the theatre’s internal cat5 networks. This puts control and monitoring of the wireless in various locations in the FOH and back stage.

To hear Sennheiser wireless products being used exclusively check out Drayton Entertainment.

Angus Audio is now proud to be an authorized dealer for Fenix Flashlights. These fantastic tools are tough as nails and offer features suited to our industry. Multiple dimmer modes and blazing burst modes are perfect for the theatre and the live events industry. Some models feature a dimmer that ranges from 10 lumens to 850 lumens.  Perfect for walking back stage during a show or looking up into the high steel 60 feet off the deck.

Most models accept 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries or CR123A disposables. AA battery models also in stock.
Check out for model specific info. Contact us for industry pricing.

SPAMalot opened up last Friday at Drayton Entertainment’s St. Jacobs Country Theatre. Along with opening night of the show, the new fly tower addition to the theatre was opened.  Jason Blair of Angus Audio was there to help rehang speakers and run new lines after the addition was completed last month. If you can get tickets to see the show you will not be disappointed! It is likely to sell out so head over to and get tickets now.

Check out the iNuke Boom and Boom Pow. A fantastic pair of, self contained units that deliver surprising sound.

We have both models on display in the show room so feel free to stop by with your iPod and have a listen. All the staff here at Angus were thoroughly surprised by the bottom end these little systems can put out. It is impressive! And that is coming from a bunch of people that use much larger speakers on a daily basis!

Daniel MacPherson, technical director for THEMUSEUM in Kitchener Ontario, chose Electro-Voice for their new system. THEMUSEUM offers a multi use space that is available for a variety of events. Weddings, fashion shows, proms, band nights and any other special event you can think of takes place here. The space is rarely quiet!

A versatile system that could be easily stored in a small space was required. The rig is made up of 2x ZLX 15P tops and 2x powered LiveX 18 subs on ASP-1 adjustable speaker poles. These pack up and fit onto a single dolly board that can then be wheeled into a closet for storage. Dan also picked up the EV 868 kick drum mic and a ZLX12P for his personal inventory.

Check out THEMUSEUM’s website for a list of events and exhibits.

The Angus Audio team travelled to Montreal for the En Coulisse Trade Show. Meeting with suppliers and reps while checking out the newest gear was a lot of work! Check out our Facebook Page for more photos.

The new ZLX speakers are now shipping. ZLX come in 12 or 15 inch versions in both passive or active models. The active ZLX has a 1000 watt Class D amp with on board DSP. The DSP can control cross over point, preset EQ profiles, location settings for monitor or pole mounts, and high and low frequency cuts and boosts. We should have units in the show room by the end of April.

Chris Hadfield uses Sennheiser handheld microphones with SKP-100 plug on transmitters while on the International Space Station. Floating around in zero gravity could be a real challenge if there was 25 feet of XLR cable attached to you. 

Cambridge Arts Theatre, also known as the Galt Little Theatre in Cambridge recently upgraded their audio system. Upgrades include the Electro Voice ZX3 cabinets and Q66 amplifiers for the main auditorium PA.
Low profile boxes minimize the impact on the lighting hang and audience view.  Passive LiveX12 cabinets are also being used as on stage monitors and general purpose boxes for around the theatre. The in house staff at GLT did a great job installing the cabinets just below the proscenium. Take a look at the photos and check out the GLT websitefor upcoming events.

Stop by the shop to check out the Bugera line of guitar amps and cabs. A fantastic set of all tube amps that work inside your budget. We currently have several models on display in the show room. The newest one in the shop is the 1960 head which is a great sounding, high gain amp.
Angus Audio has the largest selection in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph.
If we don’t have it in stock, talk to us and we will look at getting it in for you to try.
Click here to visit the Bugera page with more info.

The X32 console has proven itself to be a real solid tool. Since the release in the fall of 2012 our fleet has been active almost nonstop. Several theatre groups and high schools have adopted the console to replace their aging analog desks. This was the product that people were waiting for! Check out some photos of our X32s out working the past few months.

Just arrived this morning! We have the new Behringer PM16 multichannel personal monitor rig in for demo! This is the perfect tool for churches or bands that require multiple people with different monitor mixes. We will have this up and running in the shop this week.

Yesterday we had the newest RCF line array in the shop for a demo. Dave Gardner stopped by with 4 modules and a bumper bar in the back of his Volkswagen. This system is impressive! The HDL 20A is a double 10 inch mid, with a 3 inch high in a polymer case. It had fantastic coverage across our lot and even into the parking lot of our neighbours. Email us if you would like to set up a demo and inquire on pricing.

Did you know we have a whole selection of stage tapes? Including glow tape and spike tape!

Dave Rat is a pioneer in the world of live sound. He tours the world and writes about it in a blog that is often funny. Fantastic photos and over all nerdy stuff. He is also the FOH soundguy for The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Soundgarden, Blink 182 and many more.

If you ask us which vocal microphone you should buy, we will tell you the Sennheiser Canada Evolution 835.

Thursday, June 7, 2012 4:00 PM – 4:45 PM BST*

Allen & Heath is pleased to offer an interactive webinar with veteran sound engineer Dave McDonald, whose recent work with Adele follows successful tours with AIR, Florence & The Machine, Sigur Ros, Portishead and more.

As well as chatting to Dave about life, mixing and iLive, we’ll be giving attendees an opportunity to put their questions to a man who has mixed one of the biggest voices in the business. Experts from Allen & Heath will also be on hand to discuss technical questions.


Check out an event Angus Audio did at the Windsor’s Ceasars Casino.

We got to check out a Electrovoice Demo at the Meadowvale Theatre. Heres some info on what the brought and some photos.

Check out the photos from Fashion N Motion at Wilfrid Laurier. The Lighting Design was done by Tyson Wentworth – Call the shop for contact details.

New Allen and Heath GLD80 digital console was in the shop for a demo. Check out some photos to see this low profile board with huge mixing capabilities.

Here are some photos of the construction on the new Drayton Entertainment theatre.

Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo Ontario takes delivery of iLive T112, iDR16 and iDR48 digital heads.

Allen & Heath iLIVE 112-T on 2009 / 10 tour.

For Drayton Entertainment’s North American 2009 tour Angus Audio provided the ideal digital solution with an ALLEN & HEATH iLIVE 112-T digital mixing system.
The iLIVE 112-T surface provides a complete Front of House solution with an impressive 112 mixing channel capability. The system is designed with a digital snake, employing digital lines using Ethernet (ACE) communication cable. A 48 x 24 snake head was included allowing a capability of 64 inputs and 32 outputs.

Drayton Theratre Group is currently touring the production of “Camelot” throughout North America.