Sennheiser EW DX – Ontario Canada

The brand new Sennheiser EW DX systems are starting to arrive in Canada. We received this demo rack right from Germany this week, with more units in transit.

These units were a breeze to set up right out the case. The new “E ink” display shows the transmitter name even when the batteries are out. No need for label tape anymore.
The transmitters also feature 134 dB of dynamic range, which will cover pretty much any high volume input source.
Our current favourite feature is being able to know the exact run time for the transmitters. A down to the minute time is displayed on both the transmitter and the receiver when running on the lithium battery packs. 12 hour estimated run time using lithium.

Give us a call at 519-740-9869 or send us an email to set up a demo time.

Sennheiser EW DX