Technical Theatre

We work with every level of theatre group to supply solutions for a variety of productions and installs. Whether it be a large or small production we have the tools you need for a flawless performance. 

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Corporate Events

Corporate events can range from small simple events to large scale full productions for audiences in the hundreds.   


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Live Music

Our roots are in live music. Angus Audio started as a technical supply company for touring bands over 30 years ago. We are proud to say that live music is our passion and always will be.

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We recently worked with University of Waterloo’s Communication Arts Department to upgrade the 402 seat Theatre of The Arts. The UW theatre program mounts some of the most imaginative and cutting edge productions in the area and requires technology that is versatile and easy to manipulate. This theatre has undergone several upgrades the past few years including new catwalks, new Elation Pro SixPar 300 LED pars with RGBWA+UV colour mixing, a Behringer X32 for FOH audio, HME Wireless ClearCom and now new speakers and amplifiers from Dynacord and Electro Voice.

The theatre space is essentially in the round with seating right up to the edge of the stage. This proves to be difficult to get even audio coverage over every seat. The new Electro Voice EVC 1122-VI was chosen for its unique ability to have massive horn coverage based on the height it is mounted at. Tilting the box in the bracket allows the coverage area to be tuned right to the front row of seating. University of Waterloo’s Gill Lesperance and Cameron Jolliffe completed the installation in record time, including the new wiring and amp racks mounted in the catwalk.




In addition to the 4 main FOH boxes there were 8 Electro Voice Evid 4.2 speakers installed. Combined with 4 Dynacord L1300 amplifiers this enables 8 channels of surround sound rear fill audio. Using the X32 USB interface card and Qlab 3 allows sound effects and soundscapes to fully cover the theatre.  4 of the Dynacord 1300s are installed on the catwalk being monitored via the MARC software. The 1122- VI speakers are powered by 2 Dynacord L2800 amps running in the control booth.


We will be operating out of a new location before the end of July! Overall we needed a bigger warehouse but thankfully the new space is only a block away on Turnbull Court.

The new location is 110 Turnbull Court unit 3. Along the back of the unit are two loading docks and a ramp for smaller cars.
All rental pick ups and returns will go through the back entrance.

All phone numbers will be staying the same but if they are not working for some reason while we move over please use 226-240-0338.


A municipal government client recently purchased a mobile DDS 5900 system. These are great systems that are very easy to set up and very easy to manage. This specific kit allows for over 30 people to have round table discussions at off site locations. It packs up and fits in 2  of the made in Canada Nanuk cases with wheels. Easy to load in the back of a small car and roll into a convention centre.  It also features outputs for recording, in house PA integration and streaming audio. The entire system links together with shielded cat5 cables and self manages via IP.


Slate Church, based in Waterloo Ontario, recently worked with us to purchase a full kit of Sennheiser for their live band.
The kit consists of:
Sennheiser 100 series handhelds with 835 and 935 capsules
Sennheiser EW300 In Ear Monitor (IEM) systems
Sennheiser ASA 1 and AC3 Antenna Combiners with A1031 Paddles
Sennheiser Evolution 600 series drum mics
Rapco Horizon XLR snakes
SKB 4U Roto Racks

Angus Audio frequency co-ordinated, racked and prepared the kit for a turn key system that worked right out of the box.
The system was working flawlessly on a show the day after they picked it up.