Technical Theatre

We work with every level of theatre group to supply solutions for a variety of productions and installs. Whether it be a large or small production we have the tools you need for a flawless performance. 

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Corporate Events

Corporate events can range from small simple events to large scale full productions for audiences in the hundreds.   


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Live Music

Our roots are in live music. Angus Audio started as a technical supply company for touring bands over 30 years ago. We are proud to say that live music is our passion and always will be.

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The brand new Sennheiser EW DX systems are starting to arrive in Canada. We received this demo rack right from Germany this week, with more units in transit.

These units were a breeze to set up right out the case. The new “E ink” display shows the transmitter name even when the batteries are out. No need for label tape anymore.
The transmitters also feature 134 dB of dynamic range, which will cover pretty much any high volume input source.
Our current favourite feature is being able to know the exact run time for the transmitters. A down to the minute time is displayed on both the transmitter and the receiver when running on the lithium battery packs. 12 hour estimated run time using lithium.

Give us a call at 519-740-9869 or send us an email to set up a demo time.

Sennheiser EW DX

The past few weeks have seen installs in a variety of the regions high school’s with upgrades to lighting systems.  Not just in the dedicated theatre spaces but also in the classrooms.
We spec and install all different brands of fixtures, picking and choosing the best units from the lines. One of the recent winners in LED moving heads has been the AMDJ Focus spot 4Z. This is a 200 watt LED engine with gobos, prisms, and dichroic colour wheels. These light weight moving heads are extremely fast and offer fantastic performance at this price point. 4 of these LED moving heads were installed on the FOH lighting pipes allowing designs that are extremely dynamic with fast movement. One of the other benefits is now being able to have a focusable spot without needing a lift or ladder to be adjusted.


New at the shop is the Prolights LED leeko family.

EclProfile FS is a high-output, full-spectrum LED, RGB Lime Leeko that has brilliant saturated colours and a temperature adjustable white. Perfect for theatre and video work.
The Ecl Profile CT+ is a 6 colour  (red, green, blue, royal blue, mint, pc amber) array that offers a massive amount of adjustability and matching to existing gel colours.
When your design is required to match with existing conventional gel fixtures, you can really nail the look of your favourite Rosco Tokyo Blue. This makes adding LEDs into an existing rig that much easier.
These units also take industry standard lenses and accessories. Gobos are B size and take standard leeko gel frames.

We have added several of the FS units to our rental and demo inventory as we transition away from conventional halogen lighting. Photos don’t show how beautiful these fixtures perform.
Recently 8 of the CT+ units were added to a local video production studio with an assortment of lenses and accessories.
Stop by the shop to see these or take them out for you next production.

Front lens of Prolights Leeko FS purple colour Prolights FS leeko led with red lens 8 new units of Prolights CT+ for TV studio

Specs for Profile CT+

  • Source: Luxeon-C; 96x3W 6 colour custom LEDs source (red, green, blue, royal blue, mint, pc amber)
  • CCT: @full 5,000K
  • Luminous flux: (5°) 3,805 lm; (10°) 4,790 lm; (14°) 5,047 lm; (19°) 5,380 lm; (26°) 6,681 lm; (36°) 6,814 lm; (50°) 5,773 lm; (70°) 7,430lm @full
  • Luminous flux: (zoom 15°-30°) (min angle) 5,290 lm; (max angle) 6,664 lm – (zoom 25°-50°) (min angle) 7,042 lm; (max angle) 9,817 @full
  • Lux: (5°) 14,638 lx; (10°) 8,663 lx; (14°) 3,812 lx; (19°) 2,530 lx; (26°) 1,759 lx; (36°) 810 lx; (50°) 474 lx; (70°) 306lx @5 m full
  • Lux: (zoom 15°-30°) (min angle) 3,502 lx; (max angle) 1,800 lx – (zoom 25°-50°) (min angle) 2,608 lx; (max angle) 974lx @5 m full
  • CRI: 93,7 @3,200 K; 97,6 @5.600 K
  • Focus: manual
  • Colour mixing: RGB, Royal Blue, Mint, PC Amber
  • CCT: CCT control, + / – green correction, tungsten emulation
  • White presets: 2,700 K ~ 10,000K
  • Colour wheel: colour gels matching and RGB / HSI / CMY selectable colour mode

Specs for Profile FS

  • Source: 91x3W RGB + lime LEDs
  • CCT: @full 5.000K
  • Luminous flux: (5°) TBD; (10°) TBD; (14°) 4’619 lm; (19°) 5’133 lm; (26°) 6’100 lm; (36°) 5’970 lm; (50°) 5’596 lm; (70°) TBDlm @full
  • Lux: (5°) TBD; (10°) TBD; (14°) 4’321 lx; (19°) 2’567 lx; (26°) 1’711 lx; (36°) 873 lx; (50°) 462 lx; (70°) TBDlx @5 m full
  • CRI: 86 @3.200 K; 85 @5.600 K
  • Focus: manual
  • Colour mixing: RGB + lime / full colour
  • CCT: CCT control through dedicated DMX channel
  • White presets: 2.700 K ~ 10.000K
  • Colour wheel: virtual colour wheel with macros
  • Macros: several pre-built pixel macros with adjustable speed


The content creation studio has been busy the past few months with a variety of clients coming to visit us at our Cambridge location. With a full compliment of equipment the studio can be set up to fit any type of event. From live stream to rehearsed and recorded events we can cover any needs that may arise.

The studio is fitted with a 13 foot wide 2.8mm LED wall that helps host and guest connections when doing interview style events as well as a dynamic background.  We are fully outfitted to offer in house video production, including motion graphics, voice over work and in house editing.
Corporate and creative clients are welcome to reach out and talk to us about availability. 



The introduction of the Allen and Heath SQ consoles has been welcomed with open arms at Angus Audio. Here are a few photos of a recent order of SQ consoles that were brought in for a variety of clients. These versatile consoles are being used in many different rolls.

The two SQ7 consoles are being paired with the GX4816 digital head for a full 48 channel FOH and Monitor set up.
This system will be rolled out to the client with an analog split snake and new ECM road cases. It will be ready for its first show when it leaves our shop in Cambridge next week.

The SQ5 is being packaged into a flyable a touring rig with a 24 channel digital head, while the other consoles are slated for permanent installs in high schools and colleges.

The SQ6 is our console of choice for rentals. It’s onboard channel count linked with a 16 channel digital heads gives us 40 channels in a package that can be carried in a small car. Perfect for theatre but small enough for tight spaces at FOH.

Contact us to talk about the benefits of the these consoles and why they have become our go to audio desk.