Wireless Microphones

When reliability is a must, trust your production to our fully configured, state-of-the-art Sennheiser wireless microphone systems. With the regions largest and most flexible wireless fleet, we are equipped to build large custom configurations to your requirements. Our frequency-agile systems are available in a variety of frequency bands and are tuned for optimal performance before each event.
Multi-channel configurations are packaged in 8 channel blocks with professional frequency co-ordination and correct antenna distribution. This ensures reliable performance in all venues.
Our systems are assembled and tuned for seamless use regardless of the total number of channels that your require. 

See below for more information on our rental fleet and custom system sales 

Rental Fleet

The Regions Largest Wireless Rental Fleet
Body Packs
Mke2 Gold Mics

Sales and Maintenance

Angus Audio builds and maintains some of the most reliable and easy to use RF systems. 

Fleet Maintenance

Angus Audio maintains several fleets of wireless for theatrical clients. Annual check ups and post show system checks are an example of  preventative maintenance for a long lasting wireless fleet.

When the rough world of theatre does cause a problem we organize repair with manufacturers or in house at Angus.

Frequency Co-Ordination

Frequency co-ordination can be an art in itself. With the right tools and proper planning most RF issues can be avoided before powering up the system.

We offer the service of creating proper channel layouts and device mapping for a flawless RF environment.