Slate Church – Waterloo Upgrades to Sennheiser

Slate Church, based in Waterloo Ontario, recently worked with us to purchase a full kit of Sennheiser for their live band.
The kit consists of:
Sennheiser 100 series handhelds with 835 and 935 capsules
Sennheiser EW300 In Ear Monitor (IEM) systems
Sennheiser ASA 1 and AC3 Antenna Combiners with A1031 Paddles
Sennheiser Evolution 600 series drum mics
Rapco Horizon XLR snakes
SKB 4U Roto Racks

Angus Audio frequency co-ordinated, racked and prepared the kit for a turn key system that worked right out of the box.
The system was working flawlessly on a show the day after they picked it up.