Sennheiser MKE ii Gold Rentals

Sennheiser MK II Gold Rentals

The Sennheiser MKE ii Gold is one of the best performing microphones for theatre applications. Angus Audio carries a very large inventory of MKE ii Golds available for rental with our Sennheiser wireless kits. We have one of the region’s largest inventories of matched and frequency coordinated body pack transmitters.

Rough Life

These microphones have a rough life. They get taped or glued to a performers face, covered in makeup, buried in a hair line and doused with hair spray. They are worn by some of the sweatiest performers and get thrown around by dancers. The MKE ii Gold lives in some of the worst environments imaginable for a tiny, high sensitivity microphone element. After every rental the microphones are tested and cleaned to make sure they are ready for the next rental.

Tours and Rentals Across Canada

Angus Audio is located in Cambridge Ontario and provides wireless systems all over the province as well as international tours. Call us to discuss options for your next theatre production.