The Only Electro Voice Dealer In Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph

A bit of back story. Angus Audio has been carrying Electro Voice (EV)  in Waterloo Region since we started in the mid 80s. It was one of the first lines we started selling and it is the product line we have stood behind for 3 decades. It is a brand that has a great sound and a great heritage. EV started off by providing a custom sound system for the Notre Dame football team in the mid 1930s. Now EV is used by some of the most prestigious venues and performing acts across the world.
ElectroVoice E-V Cardax

We have all different ranges of the EV product line in stock at the shop. From the amazing entry level ZLX, to the high end QRX and Xi family of speakers. We are passionate about this product line and love sharing our knowledge on these speakers. Stop in the shop to have a listen to the EV sound. You will instantly understand why Electro Voice is one of the oldest companies in the pro audio industry.

Coming in April we will have the brand new EKX line in the shop for demos. This family is positioned above the ZLX and ELX (Live X) family but below the pro level ETX. The EKX offers full DSP in a solid wood cabinet. This family also introduces a new set of matching 15 and 18 inch sub woofers.

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EKX Family of Speakers