Projectors – LCD / Data /DLP

Angus Audio maintains a large fleet of rental projectors for presentation and theatrical rentals. Our main rental unit is a 3000 lumen Panasonic projector with HDMI and VGA inputs. If you call in to book a rental let us know which connectors or cables you might need. Please see below for help identifying which connector you laptop or system requires.

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HDMI is the current standard that most consumer devices will be using. If you are running a MacBook you may need and adaptor to get into the projector. Some Macs have full size HDMI connectors but many use a connection called “Mini Display port” or “Lightning”. Let us know what you have and we can help.

VGA is still common, but it is considered an older technology.

RCA connectors are used for some devices such as older DVD players and Satellite TV receivers. They can also be used on some video game consoles.

Some laptops use a connector called Display port. If you only have this option on your laptop give us a call to talk about adaptors.