Midas Pro 2 in Canada

Stop by the shop in the next week or so to take a look at the Midas Pro 2 digital mixing console. We have the first one available from the new Midas distributor Intellimix. Thanks to our rep Ed Lockyer for getting us the first Midas Pro 2 in Canada out of the new batch.

The first thing you notice when you boot up the console is that it starts with the familiar black and white text of the Linux OS. We were happy to see this console has a powerful and stable operating system at its core. The second thing you notice is the fantastic looking screen. Big, bright and right in the center of the desk. It is not a touch screen. However, after playing with the surface for 5 minutes you realize why you don’t need one. The layout and the way you interact with the knobs gives the Midas Pro the feeling of an analog desk. There is no need to be touching the screen and getting finger prints all over it. The touch sensitive knobs highlight on the screen as soon as you touch them and everything has a physical button. If you really need a touch screen you can download the Midas Pro app to an iPad. This allows you to use a touch screen when connected to a wireless router. The app is free and syncs to the console with a simple IP address.

Another thing we really like is the Population Groups, or simply Pop Groups. These are fast and easy access groups that make mixing live music very snappy. With the push of a button the Pop Group brings the channels to the center  faders and brings all their info up on the screen. This makes it easy to find channels without having to flip pages. The channel strip then shows up on the right hand side of the screen. Half an inch to the right of that is the physical knob section that has all the processing control in a nice neatly laid out line.

Give us a call to schedule a time to come in and get some hands on time with the Midas Pro 2.