Technical Theatre

We work with every level of theatre group to supply solutions for a variety of productions and installs. Whether it be a large or small production we have the tools you need for a flawless performance. 

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Corporate Events

Corporate events can range from small simple events to large scale full productions for audiences in the hundreds.   


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Live Music

Our roots are in live music. Angus Audio started as a technical supply company for touring bands over 30 years ago. We are proud to say that live music is our passion and always will be.

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The content creation studio has been busy the past few months with a variety of clients coming to visit us at our Cambridge location. With a full compliment of equipment the studio can be set up to fit any type of event. From live stream to rehearsed and recorded events we can cover any needs that may arise.

The studio is fitted with a 13 foot wide 2.8mm LED wall that helps host and guest connections when doing interview style events as well as a dynamic background.  We are fully outfitted to offer in house video production, including motion graphics, voice over work and in house editing.
Corporate and creative clients are welcome to reach out and talk to us about availability. 



The introduction of the Allen and Heath SQ consoles has been welcomed with open arms at Angus Audio. Here are a few photos of a recent order of SQ consoles that were brought in for a variety of clients. These versatile consoles are being used in many different rolls.

The two SQ7 consoles are being paired with the GX4816 digital head for a full 48 channel FOH and Monitor set up.
This system will be rolled out to the client with an analog split snake and new ECM road cases. It will be ready for its first show when it leaves our shop in Cambridge next week.

The SQ5 is being packaged into a flyable a touring rig with a 24 channel digital head, while the other consoles are slated for permanent installs in high schools and colleges.

The SQ6 is our console of choice for rentals. It’s onboard channel count linked with a 16 channel digital heads gives us 40 channels in a package that can be carried in a small car. Perfect for theatre but small enough for tight spaces at FOH.

Contact us to talk about the benefits of the these consoles and why they have become our go to audio desk.

Panasonic has built a fantastic platform with its new Solid Shine Laser engine. This 6k lumen laser projector is now available in rentals and has become our number one go to projector. Its laser light source engine out performs any bulb projector in the same spec class and does it a great set of features. Lens shift and the digital image adjustments make this easy to dial in perfectly onto the screen. Its light weight and is easy to load in a Nanuk 945 road case. We have sold these into a variety of situations over the past few months including medical centers and theatres. Clients have been raving about the colour rendering even in rooms with ambient light that they cannot control.

Give us a call to set up a demo time to see these VMZ60s in action at our shop in Cambridge.

Another batch of DPA d:fine microphones headed off to do an upcoming production of Rock of Ages out west. This product line continues to impress customers all over the country. The 4166 headset mics with the newer Core series adds higher dynamic range to the element while maintaining the small capsule size. This is crucial for scenarios that have high SPL. Rock of Ages is a great example, with powerful vocals that are needed to project overtop of a live rock band. Some handheld microphones would even struggle in this type of environment.

Give us a call here in Cambridge to talk about the options in the DPA lav and headset line up. There is a large catalog with a lot of different options to consider. Colour, capsule, connector, headband, and a ton of accessories are available!

After today we are closed till 2020.

Send us an email to set up an appointment for New Years Eve rental pick ups.