E.V. DMS 1122 12″ 2 way active

12″ active  speakers .

these cabinets operate active only external crossover is required. great condition, all original components,  with or without road case.  .

cabinets and road case   $1100.00    speakers with out road case  $900.00



Electrovoice ZX5 Speakers

Electrovoice ZX5-60 PAIR

DVX3150 15” LF Transducer with Forced Air Cooling, ND2 2” Voice Coil, 1” Exit Neodymium Compression Driver , 60° x 60° Coverage Pattern , 600W Continuous (2400W) Power Handling, High Sensitivity, 132 dB Maximum SPL, Adjustable Monitor Angle (45° or 55°), 3 Anchor Plates for Single Stud Fittings and 10 Integral Suspension Points , Passive/Biamp Selectable Includes EV Slip covers.