Marshall 900 2100/ 1960 cab

Model 2100 with pre amp and master volume control . 2 channel volume with foot switch control.

this is the improved JCM 800. 100 watt version . ser number shows production date as 1990.

matching 1960 cab. The cab has a few scars the worst on the back door noted in the photos. the front rails are very good usually where the vinyl takes the worst. Cabinet has the G12-75 12″ drivers ,all working as they should . this is becoming a very rare amp .If you want the classic Marshall look and sound this is a great amp .

$ 2000.00

pre amp master volume the best version of this amp generation

DBX 231 stereo graphic EQ

excellent condition. very clean no rack rash at all mounted once .2 matched units available . this item is discontinued . used is your only option.this item can ship with in Canada @$35.00 slightly more for matched pr.

$ 149.00 ea.