When reliability is a must, trust your production to our fully configured, state-of-the-art Sennheiser wireless microphone systems. With the regions largest and most flexible wireless fleet, we are equipped to build large custom configurations to your requirements. Our frequency-agile systems are available in a variety of frequency bands and are tuned for optimal performance before each event. Multi-channel configurations are packaged in 8 channel blocks with professional channel integration and correct antenna distribution for reliable performance in all venues. Our systems are assembled and tuned for seamless use regardless of the total number of channels that your require.
Let us configure a system tailored to your production’s needs.
  • Earset Microphones

    Earset microphones are low profile and nearly invisible from a few feet away. We offer several styles and options in this category.
  • Handheld Microphones

    Handheld microphones with Sennheiser 835 and 935 capsules offer the best performance for high stage volume environments. Sennheiser wireless handhelds are used all over the world with the largest touring acts. Artists such as The Scorpions, Pink, Arctic Monkeys, and Beyonce are all endorsees of Sennheiser microphones.  Check out a short list of who is using Sennheiser here.
  • Theatre Microphones

    MkE 2 and MkE 1 are the industry standard for theatre performances. Also known as wig mics these elements can be hidden in a hair line or along the cheek. The element is smaller than a pencil eraser and is practically invisible in a theatre setting. The main microphone in our inventory, the MkE2, is guaranteed to provide high gain for singing and vocal applications.
  • Camera Wireless

    The Sennheiser Camera kit offers a small belt pack as well as a receiver that is small enough to mount on the back of a handheld camera. The ENG (Electronic News Gathering) kit has become the go to  wireless system for major news stations. It has also been used in a variety of creative situations like transmitting music between two mobile vehicles, or a long distance satellite speaker at an event. Perfect for remote shooting, it makes a videographer's job that much easier.