JBL Vintage Cabaret series

JBL  single 15″  vintage cabinets

$ 995.00  pr.

This pr. of cabinets have all original components. all working perfectly. these cabs are in very good condition outside with very little wear or scuffs .they are closing in on collectable / historic .


Electro Voice ELX 15″ covers SOLD


$20.00    to $40.00

ELX  only  covers

4  new covers for ELX  15″  surplus to our rental stock   $40.00   each.  reg sell  aprox $60.00  also  4 used covers for same speakers  good condition.  $20.00  each  sold in prs .

ElectroVoice 1503 Vintage

$800 Pair

this item has been sold 

ElectroVoice 1503 speaker cabinets. If you know what these are you like them. All original components. Cabinets are in good condition with paint wear on the ball corners. Carpet and handles in good condition. Changed over to Speakon connectors.
img_3325 img_3326 img_3327 img_3328

ElectroVoice 1152 with road case


2   EV 1152  2way  active boxes. no internal crossover Bi Amp only.  these speakers have been completely refinished and look like new. Both 15″ drivers have been re-coned  , and all components have been cleaned and tested. they are being sold in a road case with lift off lid.