Lighting & Effects

Theatre and Stage Lighting:

ETC Source 4  - 575w (19˚/ 26˚/ 36˚ /50˚)
ETC Parnell - 575w Stage Lamp -
Par 16 (Birdies) GU10 40 watt Halogen
Altman 65Q
LED technology has been growing in leaps and bounds the past few years. The LED fixtures we have in rental inventory are easy to use and draw almost no power. Easy set up and no cool down period make these easy for pick up rentals and small one off events.
LED Effect Lighting:


Fallout LED - 3 circle zone rotating RGB
J6 LED - Moving pattern effect RGB rotating 2 zones
Kinta X LED - Moving Pattern effect lamp lines
Megatrix LED -  Moving pattern LED effect lamp RGBW 4 cubed zones
Megamoon LED – Wide Dispersion patterned LED effect RGB 4 circle zones

Sweeper LED – Multicoloured finger effect lamp

Mushroom LED- Rotating Motion effect lamp

Mix and Match any above – $12/ fixture

Stand/ T-Bar set for above – add $10


LED Wash pars and Bars

PAR 38 Static LED (RGBY) – Bar of 4  w/Stand – $20/set
Microh LED Rio PAR 610 (RGBWA) – full DMX
Microh LED BAR II (RGB) – full DMX
Lumi LED BAR MKII (RGB) – full DMX