Corporate Events and Meetings

Angus Audio delivers corporate event services with the professionalism that is demanded in the corporate world. We have done countless events for large corporate clients spanning many years of relationships. Whether a special event presentation, keynote conference or executive retreat, you can trust Angus Audio to deliver. With our strong background in theatre productions we treat corporate events as a live show. Meetings that are exciting and up beat make the experience more effective. Putting a lasting impression on your attendees is one of our goals. Contact us to talk about events we have done in the past and what we can do to help you with your event.

With doing corporate events of this kind, comes the experience with regional and provincial venues. Angus Audio is based in Cambridge, however we have worked in the majority of the event spaces in Southern Ontario. We are more than willing to advise you on a venue that will work for you. Perhaps you require a venue off the beaten path to make an event really stand out. Call us to discuss the specific needs for you event or meeting and we will be more than happy to offer advice.

  • Wireless Mics / Lapels
  • Clear Intelligible Audio
  • PowerPoint / High Quality  Projection / LCD screens
  • Perfect Cue and Slide Advancers
  • Elegant and effective accent lighting